Saturday, October 06, 2007

So long...

Blog canned...Hate to use it again, but life is elsewhere...
Thanks for reading all this while. Miss you all and see you sometime soon hopefully!


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Haazir Janaab

My absence has been met with strong words, speculation that the blog has been canned, belated comments and for the most part, with measured indifference. My gentle readers, and the firm one from Afganistan, I only take an extended sabbatical to write in another language. Only to humour myself.
I should be back to the 'mother tongue' in no time. Which brings me to the point...remind me, when you see me, that I have to learn how to read and write my real mother tongue.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Intercultural Communication

Few lessons learnt over the last few weeks...
1. Irish people can drink.
2. Do not refer to the Arabian Sea as, hmmm well, the Arabian Sea. That is, if you are talking to an Iranian person. During a presentation by a Pakistani classmate, an Iranian friend walked out of class, since the map seemed to call the alleged Persian sea the Arabian Sea. Shakespeare turned in his grave, and my mind turned in a direction it often turns to, as to why we are the most tolerant (that’s not the word, neither is dispassionate) people in the world. The map in question, after all, also showed the Pakistan occupied Kashmir as being a comfortably integrated part of Pakistan and the Indian side as the disputed region. Possessing an incontrollable sense of neutrality, I insisted in my mind, that it would be fair to call both sides of Kashmir as disputed. But then, Shakespeare (whom I have never read) spoke with equal measure of banality and authority.
3. There are real Chinese people who think that the Tienanmen Square was a figment of the Western media’s imagination. (Could it well be? Are there pictures of the lone man getting actually crushed by the tanks? I am not saying anything, just let me know what happened after he stood there, in case you know)
4. No, I mean Irish people can really drink.
5. No such thing as the Bulgarian Mafia. Period. (Although I do know the daughter of the big boss, if there is one…)
6. Germans, well I don’t know many yet.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Without Embarassment, my comrades

With most people i know, i share an obsession for the loops that seem to come our way. As a kid, I could not get over seeing a TV inside a TV. I would make sure everyone in my way would hear of it. Similarly, the abbreviation GNU, which stands for GNU's not Unix, can be expanded infinitely. (I usually stop after 9,047 times) There are so many other loops/expandables, that I could enjoy, without embarrassment. I write this, after having contemplated about the German desire for Perfektionismus (Perfectionism) over a mountain of dishes. I was thinking of my 'un-desire' to be a perfectionist, and then I invented my own loopy statement. 'Nothing bothers me expect for that nothing bothers me'. I hope this hasnt been done before, but I am sure it has!  

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This Time

Sleepy is her world,
while mine gently awakens,
as my verse gains momentum
(this being the third of the line)
lays she expectantly, her body curled

I was wondering, she almost bellows,
if you have just had the temerity
(and this is only the 3rd one)
to add a sexual connotation,
to our presently innocent flirtation

With an innuendo unintended
have I not disturbed
her nocturnal calm
and perhaps even the little work of my
formidable poetic charm?

it's debatable she says
but you are forgiven,
not entirely, consider it parole,
for this time ,I make an exception,
although certain of your next deception

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Demands : Monsoon Session

After careful deliberation, I demand the following from the Indian government:

1. Give north east India a separate time zone. They deserve it; it’s not a lot they are (not?) asking for. If the government fears logistic failure and complete collapse, buy calculators.

2. Start f@#$ing regulating car sales instead of glorifying the new middle class’ purchasing power. This way, you will poison us and worse still; defeat the point of a car.

3. Ban all blogs, online journals, orkut etc. They are terrible for potential revolution, as opposed to popular belief.

Finally, I also sanction the purchase of new fans in the parliament house, even though the ones there right now are really cool. If for a moment, I forget what Jaswant Singh’s drawl, I am looking forward to his new book. Weren’t you thinking of what to buy me?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



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